Canada Day Boat Parade

Clean Up the Lake a Success, and a Couple of Other Things


Hi everyone!

A big hello from Devil Lake! We’ve been getting our share of rain so everything looks green and healthy. Thankfully, no sign of Spongy aka Gypsy caterpillars! The Buttermilk Falls dam is fully open the last I looked, as water levels remain somewhat elevated. Lake temperature is about 20C/68F.
Clean Up the Lake Day
Last Saturday, a number of us spent a couple of hours cleaning up parts of Devil Lake’s shoreline. We ended up with over 10 garbage bags of of styrofoam, bottles, clothing, etc., a tire, half a gallon of engine oil, a lifejacket, and many other “interesting” items! South Frontenac kindly transported the garbage for us to the dump. Thank you to those who volunteered – great work!!
2021 Water Quality Results
We almost have final data for the 5 areas tested last Summer (3 received, waiting on 2), and Jana will be putting a report together for Members. As you know, DLA participates in the Ontario Lake Partner Program, and Barb Fisher has kindly been doing the testing for us.
Perth Road Boat Ramp Sign
Thanks to all who gave feedback on the sign. We are currently making final revisions and a big thank you to Lia for coordinating! Dave Little has started to build the frame, and Herlehy’s Westport will be donating the materials to us – wow! We had a site with South Frontenac to agree the location, and SF will be drilling the post holes for us. SF will be getting required Council and Conservation approvals for the “project”, by the end of June.
July 1st Canada Day Flotilla
Judi Curry will again be organizing the Canada Day boat flotilla, so put that in your calendars! More info to come closer to the date.
Think that’s it for now. A gentle reminder to renew your Membership if you haven’t already. Thank you for supporting the Devil Lake Assn!
Any questions or comments, just let me know.
All the best!