President’s Updates

Devil Lake Association (DLA)
AGM Meeting Minutes & Summary August 21, 2021 3:00pm
60 Cottontail Lane, South Frontenac
Secretary Lia Gordon advised that we have Quorum, being a majority of Landowner Members present or by Proxy.
Land Acknowledgement by Tim Gardiner and welcome to all.
1.0 Motion to Approve the Agenda: Ian Gordon, Seconded Paula Nichols, Carried.
2.0 Motion to Approve the Minutes from last year’s meeting: David Little, Seconded Peter Clipsham, Carried
3.0 President’s Report (attached)
4.0 Motion to Review and Approval of 31 December 2021 Financial Statements: Ian Gordon, Seconded Peter Clipsham, Carried.
5.0 Motion to Approve Special Resolution to Exclude an Official Audit; Donna DeLaat; Seconded David Little, Carried.
6.0 Motion to Approve Annual Dues; David Little, Seconded Ian Gordon; Carried.
7.0 Motion to Approve new Directors for two years being Roger Brice, John Gray, Chuck Higgins, Tom Myatt, Andrew Perrett, and Ingrid Sauve. Robin Masters, Seconded by Tony Jones, Carried.
Note; retiring directors are Lia Gordon, Roger Jones, and John Wilson. Directors whose term ends 2023 Tim Gardiner, David Little, Paula Nichols, Jana Svec
Other Business
• Ingrid Sauve gave an update on the loon population on the lake (see below)
• Barb Fisher gave an update on water testing
• Tim asked for interest in a “Clean Up the Lake Day – Fall Edition”, with South Frontenac assisting in
the garbage pick up. Given those willing to help, Tim will set a date for Sep/Oct.
• Tim mentioned the pressure on the lake’s fish from anglers and said some pilot projects, closing off
an area/bay to see if that stimulates fish populations, will be tested by some surrounding lakes
• Tim mentioned the Tett Lane Association is applying to South Frontenac for a permit allowing Tett
Park to build a pickle ball court, a dog park, and requesting the lowering of the speed liming on Perth
County Road 10 and eliminating the passing area adjacent to Tett Park
• Robyn Masters brought up the high wake traffic in Lost Bay and suggested a floating sign be placed
at the Lost Bay entrance
• Tom Myatt updated us on the “Get the Lead Out” program, led by Wolfe Lake Assn using South
Frontenac’s Lake Ecosystem Grant Program. There is now a lead sinker collection tube installed at the Perth Road boat ramp. However, retailers are still selling lead sinkers in town which is disappointing.

Devil Lake Associa/on (DLA) Mee/ng Notes
• Appreciation: Devil Lake t-shirts (embroidered in Westport) were given to Roger Jones, John Wilson, Lia Gordon (retiring directors), Tony Jones for all her accounting and administrative work, Alan Revill, visiting local South Frontenac Counsellor, and Ben Chabot of Frontenac Provincial Park. A special thanks hoodie went to Tim Gardiner for bringing Devil Lake together! And thank you for your refuge from the rain for our meeting.
• $25 Devil Lake t-shirts that are available for Members to order, stay tuned for Tim’s email! 8.0 Motion to Adjourn by Ian Gordon, Seconded Roger Jones, Carried.
Guest Speaker – Ben Chabot, Superintendent, Frontenac Provincial Park
Ben gave some great insights into the Park! We learned about its history, staffing, capacity, etc. Regarding hiking in the Park, Ben said that there are numbers on each of the signs so you can give your location if an emergency, and the OPP also use the app “what3words” to locate hikers in trouble. Cell service is obviously a problem but expected to improve with a new cell tower now operating near Canoe Lake. Ben also mentioned how important Friends of Frontenac Park is to the Park, h:ps:// DLA will volunteer to look after a trail off Devil Lake in the Spring!
Notes from Tom Myatt: Get the Lead out!
Thank you for the support and helping to raise awareness for fishing lead free.
It is sad to say that studies have found that the major factor in documented loon mortality is lead poisoning, a direct result of lead fishing tackle, and one small lead sinker can offset all the efforts DLA members are going to support the loon population on Devil Lake.
Devil Lake is not unique and that is why the Wolfe Lake Association (WLA) undertook, with the financial support of South Frontenac Township, an initiative to draw attention to this issue. To date they have done an exceptional job through the production of very professional information materials, signage, a website and lead collection tubes at boat launches and area events and a lead buy back program.
As part of that initiative, by turning in lead fishing tackle at participating retailers, one would receive a $10.00 voucher for the purchase of non-toxic fishing tackle. It is safe to say that all new initiatives experience unforeseen challenges. We had anticipated greater retailer involvement by their stocking more lead free tackle and providing greater exposure for the non-toxic products that were available. Sad to say, to date, we have been very disappointed in their efforts.
While the program is ongoing, the WLA is learning from experience and plan on continuing the awareness program into next year with some modifications and other cottage associations are also getting involved. In the meantime, every cottager on Devil Lake could participate in helping the DLA with their loon projects by simply no longer using lead tackle. There are alternatives and while maybe hard to find at the moment, well worth the effort.
At the AGM bald eagles on devil Lake were mentioned. In case some members are more interested in bald eagles, they should know that a recent study, in the US, showed that 50% of the bald eagles tested showed some level of lead toxicity. So Devil Lake loons are not the only victims.


President’s Spring Update

May 12, 2022

Happy Spring to everyone – it has certainly arrived and I know you are all looking forward to another wonderful season at beautiful Devil Lake! This Update is being sent to all DLA mem- bers, and to those who have expressed interest in joining the Association. We had a record number of Members last year (almost 90), and I hope you will join again this year as we move ahead with our objective of “uniting all persons interested in the conservation of water quality, flora and fauna, and the natural beauties of Devil Lake”.
2022 membership remains at $40 for Owner Members and $20 for General Members. Please sign up using the Devil Lake website,, under the About Us tab. This helps us keep your contact details up to date. Alternatively, Interac membership dues to devillakeasso- Our Treasurer, Tony Jones, will sent you a receipt. We have a goal for membership to exceed 100 this year, so please continue to support the Association. Collec- tively, we can all make a difference!
Your Board of Directors held its Spring meeting a couple of days ago, and are excited to share this year’s initiatives with you. Here’s the Devil Lake Association’s Spring Update;
Board of Directors
You may remember that our DLA Bylaws were updated to get an annual rotation started to en- courage members to get involved by serving on the Board. We also approved a General Mem- ber to serve. A couple of our current Directors have indicated they wish to step down at the AGM this Summer, so its your time to join the Board! If you are interested, please let me know. Join me in thanking the current Board for its guidance of the Association; Roger Brice, Lia Gor- don (Secretary), John Gray (Vice President), Roger Jones, Dave Little, Paula Nichols, Jana Svec, and John Wilson. And what about the fantastic job Treasurer Tony Jones does for us!
Financial Position
Tony reports that the Association currently has $5,700 in the bank. We have a couple of expen- ditures planned for this year (more on that later), but it is very pleasing that we have such a sol- id and growing Association, especially just finishing our 2nd year. Thank you, Members!
2022 AGM
We have set the date of this year’s AGM for Sunday, 21 August at our cottage. Ben Chabot, Superintendent of Frontenac Provincial Park, has agreed to be our guest speaker. More details to follow, and we will be getting some DLA “swag” made up for member distribution!

Water Levels
Portage Power in Ottawa is responsible for regulating the dams at Canoe, Kingsford, and Devil lakes, so-called “reservoir lakes” for the Cataraqui watershed and Rideau Canal. It reports a good Fall season in keeping Devil Lake water levels stable for crucial lake trout spawning. It also said that the Spring run off for the Cataraqui watershed was normal, and slightly high for the Gananoque watershed. Devil Lake’s current water level is very close to its 5 year average, and as at 30 April, just 7cm below what it considers “full”. Reservoir dams have now been closed and are expected to remain that way until Parks Canada requests additional water for Rideau Canal navigation purposes in June.
Water Quality Data
We will continue again this year as a member of Ontario’s “Lake Partner Program”. Together with West Devil Lake Property Owner’s Group, we sample 5 areas of the lake and submit these samples to the Dorsett Environmental Science Centre. We are anxiously awaiting the 2021 re- sults, expected in the next few weeks, and will send out the data as soon as it is ready. Barb Fisher has kindly agreed to do the 2022 DLA sampling for us, as she did last year. A BIG thank you to Barb!
Perth Road Boat Ramp Sign
As you are aware, the Perth Road boat ramp is the main entrance to Devil Lake for visitors. We are very excited to be moving forward with cleaning up this area, and getting a positive mes- sage to visitors to “treat our lake with the respect it deserves”. Lia Gordon has put a huge amount of work into drafting the structure and design of the sign, and Dave Little will be co-or- dinating the construction. We have requested South Frontenac’s approval, and assistance in anchoring the sign. I have attached a PDF of the design at the end of this letter, and ask that you submit your feedback and comments so that we can finalize this project. We are also reaching out to Herlehy Building Centre in Westport for help in subsidizing the building materi- als. The sign is still a draft, so we can amend, but please let us know what you think!
South Frontenac Grant Proposals
Your Board is still considering ways in which we can take advantage of South Frontenac’s new Lake Eco-System Grant Program. We are targeting shoreline education, but welcome your suggestions. John Gray kindly attended Watershed Canada’s shoreline workshop, and we en-
courage Owners to do their own self assessment of your shoreline,
content/uploads/2019/07/Lake-Protection-Workbook.pdf John also received 20 hard copies of the Workbook – if you would rather that, just let me know. It goes without saying that a natural shoreline, free of fertilizer and pesticide, is an easy way for you to do your part in preserving Devil Lake’s water quality!
Get The Lead Out
An example of the South Frontenac grant program is the new “Get the Lead Out” initiative spearheaded by the Wolfe Lake Association. We support this – such an easy way to change out your old lead based fishing tackle. Information will be posted at the Devil Lake boat ramps, and more information can be found here; item/15588-wolfe-lake-association-wants-all-fishers-to-get-the-lead-out

Shoal Markers
We will be anchoring 3 mooring ball style shoal markers on the lake this year; between Miller and Vanderbilt Islands, off Turnip Island, and off White Rock. Thank to Roger Jones for getting this done, and we hope it helps contribute to safe boating on the lake. Speaking of, please make sure you monitor your boat wakes when boating close to the shoreline.
Loon Survey
If you are interested in helping Devil Lake’s loon population, please consider signing up for Bird Canada’s Loon Survey. It’s an easy and fun way to protect the logo of our Association!! https://
DLA Webmaster & Facebook Page
We are still in desperate need of someone to keep our website up to date! If you have the inter- est and expertise, please let me know!! Matt Bain and I are doing our best, but I know our ef- forts can be improved upon. As an aside, the DLA Facebook page now has an astonishing 198 members!!
Upcoming Events
We are planning our first ever “Clean Up the Lake Day” for Saturday, 4 June. More information to follow but let’s get the rubber boots and waders on and get into the bays and areas of Devil Lake where styrofoam and plastic build up over the Spring. We also intend to clean up the campgrounds. South Frontenac has generously agreed to pick up the garbage we collect, as long as we bag it and drop it off at the Perth Road boat ramp.
Speaking of lake campgrounds, you’ll remember the challenges we had with the Lost Bay loca- tion, and our success in getting it cleaned up. Here’s a related article; general/timmins-man-fined-for-leaving-his-camper-trailer-on-crown-land/
Finally, best for last!, Judi Curry will once again be organizing a Canada Day Flotilla on 1 July at 1pm. She will be sending out more info closer to the date. It’s the 6th Annual – thank you, Judi!!
Think that’s all for now, and thank you again for supporting the Devil Lake Association!! See you on the lake!
Warm regards
Tim Gardiner


19 September 2021

President’s Fall Update

Hello fellow Devil Lake Association members! It was wonderful to see so many at the AGM and satisfying that you are happy the way the Assn is developing. Your support and contributions are so appreciated!! Please continue to promote membership in the DLA to friends and neighbours! We held our first post-AGM Board Meeting on 13 September. All of the newly elected board members attended in person or by Zoom and I write to bring you up to date on what was discussed and initiatives planned for the year ahead.

Board Succession As you are aware, we amended the DLA Bylaws to allow for a partial rotation of the Board every AGM. We have left the maximum number of consecutive years on the Board at 4 years. This is all about getting more DLA members involved in the Assn, so please consider joining the Board in future. I stressed to current board members that if they are thinking of stepping off at the next AGM that they should start to give thought of potential replacements. It is important that we continue to have representation from all parts of the lake, with a mix of permanent and seasonal residents.

General Members Another amendment to the Bylaws that was passed at the AGM was introducing a new catego-ry of membership in addition to the current “landowner members”. General Members do not own property on the lake, but want to be a part of the DLA. General Members can join at re-duced rates ($20) but are non-voting at the AGM. I am pleased to report we currently have 6 General Members. The Board agreed to allow up to one General Member on the Board starting next year to give us more skill diversification, and John Wilson will be amending the Bylaws to reflect this.

Perth Road Boat Ramp Signage & Clean Up Lia Gordon and Dave Little continue to lead this initiative. South Frontenac has agreed to assist in erecting DLA signage, and we are putting a draft of our new sign together for comment. We will also clean up the old, rusted and broken signs at the boat ramp to give a more “we care” look for visitors to the lake. The Perth Road boat ramp is the main entrance for visitors and their boats to Devil Lake and we hope a more informative area there will lead to visitors helping to treat our lake with the respect it deserves!

Shoal Markers Membership agreed for the DLA to move ahead with marking two additional shoals in addition to that already marked between Miller and Vanderbilt Island, namely off Turnip Island and off White Rock. White mooring balls have been ordered for these shoals but given we will soon be into October, we will not anchor the balls until Spring as the balls need to be hauled up for the Winter. Thank you to Roger Jones for this important safety initiative.

Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations (“FOCA”) Membership We are still deciding whether DLA should join FOCA. Based on our current membership numbers, annual dues would be $400-$500. I encourage you to check out the FOCA website, and John Gray has agreed to put a recommendation forward to the Board at our next meeting on whether we should join or not, at this stage of DLA’s evolution.

Shoreline Education A number of members have voiced concerns with deteriorating parts of the lake’s shoreline. As you are aware, keeping our shoreline environmentally healthy is so important to preserving the pristine water quality we enjoy on Devil Lake. Jana Svec and I will begin work on educating our members on ideas to revitalize and protect their shorelines, and we may engage Watershed Canada to do a shoreline assessment, in partnership with West Devil Lake Property Owners Group. As a start, let’s make sure we all stop using fertilizers or discouraging those who do!

Water Testing We will continue to be a part of the Lake Partner Program next year. 5 locations were sampled this year (3 by DLA, 2 by WDLPOG) and results should be ready soon on the Dorset Environ-mental Science Centre website in the coming months. A big thank you to Barb Fisher for doing the DLA testing!

South Frontenac Lake Ecosystem Grant Program South Frontenac introduced this program in 2021 designed to “support projects focused on encouraging the preservation, restoration, monitoring and analysis of lake ecosystems within South Frontenac”. Grants are available up to $10,000. Now that we have a DLA, we are considering what we might apply for. If you have ideas, please let me know!

Website With our website up and running (, we will do our best to keep it live and current. Matt Bain and I will continue to do this until we get a volunteer webmaster from our membership. Thanks Matt!

DLA Member Activities We are planning a first “Lake Clean Up Day” and a more social get together around the AGM for next year. We also hope Judi Curry will again organize the Canada Day Boat Parade!

WDLPOG ZOOM Calls West Devil Lake President Michael Payne has kindly invited interested DLA members to join 2 upcoming ZOOM calls on Sep 21 and Oct 6, with details below. The first is a talk is by Dana Stephenson, a naturalist working for the Frontenac Arch Biosphere, focusing on what the bios-phere is and why it has been designated as one of just 18 UNESCO biospheres in Canada. The second talk will be by Claire Dodds, Director of Development Services for South Frontenac, discussing how the Township is working to revise its Official Plan including new development, waterfront protection, etc. Thank you, Michael!

1) Topic: Frontenac Arch Biosphere Presentation – Dana Stephenson Time: Sep 21, 2021 07:00 PM America/Toronto Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 857 0592 1484 Passcode: FAB AND

2) Topic: South Frontenac Township Planning Initiatives – Claire Dodds Time: Oct 6, 2021 07:00 PM America/Toronto Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 827 2635 8778 Passcode: OfficialPl

DLA Swag The Board has allocated some money to purchase some complimentary DLA merchandise for members (stickers, beer insulators, etc) for distribution next year. We will also be getting some t-shirts made up with the DLA logo in due course, for sale to members. A separate email will be sent on this requesting quantities, sizes, etc.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Fall and a “normal” Summer in 2022!! Any questions or comments, please reach out to me at Sincere regards! Tim 


21 August 2021

President’s Report – 2021 DLA AGM

DLA Members, Welcome, and a BIG Devil Lake thank you to all who help contribute to the Association through your time and membership. In spite of the crazy past 18 months we have all had to deal with in our own ways, I am pleased to report on the positive progress the Association has made over the last year. Our Association was officially established on June 10, 2020, and our first AGM was held on August 29, 2020. Membership at the end of 2020 totaled 59, and today we are 81, being 75 owner members and 6 general members.


You will have received our latest bylaws which were recommended by the Board at our April meeting for Membership approval today. The bylaws are a living, “work in progress” document, and can be amended as the Association grows. The changes the Board has recommended are twofold;

1. Add the aforementioned General Membership category for those who wish to be a member but are not property owners. Fees are half those of owner members but general membership is non-voting.

2. Change the board terms so that we get +/- half of the Board retiring every year to encourage more turnover and fresh initiatives.

The Board has also discussed perhaps allowing some General Membership representation on the Board which we will talk about later. I would like to thank board member John Wilson for all the legal expertise he has provided in helping get the Association incorporated and properly set up. John graciously volunteered his time and the Associ-ation was only invoiced for registration fees and disbursements.


Speaking of volunteering time to Association, I would like to thank our Treasurer, Tony Jones, for keeping things so organized and minding our books. Tony will give a quick talk on the financial health of the Association in a few minutes, but you should be happy to know that we now have over $4,500 in the bank.

Website & Facebook Page

You may remember that we decided to create a DLA Facebook page (which now has 144 members), and then to add a DLA website. Certainly a daunting task, but we thought this very important in our age of social media! We are indebted to Matt Bain for the work he put into getting our sites running, especially the Website, Paula Nichols also was a huge help. And what about the historical articles from John Gray! Going forward, the Association could use someone to volunteer to be our webmaster.

Illegal Fishing

I am so pleased to report that our determination to stop the illegal fishing happening at the Perth Road culvert has paid off. Roger Brice and Roger Jones tell me that this activity has, thankfully, stopped. As you are aware, this was a co-ordinated effort with the Township, OPP, and the Association. Lia Gordon was responsible for obtaining the great No Fishing signs we bought to supplement the Township’s No Parking signs. Let’s remain diligent in making sure this doesn’t start up again.

Water Testing

Jana Svec kindly headed up our water testing through the Province’s Lake Partner Program. We worked together with the WDLPOG, with DLA testing 3 designated sites and WDLPOG 2. A huge thank you to Barb Fisher for doing the DLA testing. Jana will report on the results when received.

Crown Land Campgrounds

Last September, we helped the Ministry of the Environment clean up 3 Crown Land campgrounds on the lake, with the Lost Bay site being the most crucial. Provincial signs were also erected. Needless to say, things are much improved but I encourage you to do a good deed once in awhile and do a camp clean up if necessary. Please also go out of your way to collect any styrofoam and garbage you see that inevitably floats into various bays and shorelines.

Shoal Marking

The Board has proposed marking 3 shoals with mooring balls, being Miller/Vanderbilt weed bed, White Rock, and Turnip Island. You will remember there was some dissension towards this initiative at last year’s AGM. In spite of that, Roger Jones and I “quietly” put a marker on the Miller/Vanderbilt weed bed and we now propose to finish by marking the other 2 shoals. Robin Masters (now known via the recent CNN story on returning Americans) has very kindly donated the 2 additional mooring balls.

Perth Road Boat Ramp Signage

Led by Lia and (awesome) Secretary Dave Little, we are putting plans in place for DLA signage at the Perth Road boat ramp given this is where the lake sees the most visitor traffic. We want it to be welcoming, but also requesting visitors to treat Devil Lake with respect it deserves, and to make sure people the lake has an Association with members concerned about keeping the lake clean and environmentally sound. Wake signs will also be posted at the boat ramp.

Boat wakes

Just another request to be courteous of your neighbors on the lake. I’ve had a few members mention kids getting swamped, etc by wakes happening too close to the shore. This is especially relevant for boats over 18”. The Transport Canada rule is 10km/hr within 30m of shoreline. Wake signs will also be posted at the boat ramp.


My opinion is that the population is stable but low. We saw 3 babies the other night which was great. However, I wonder if the eagles will have an effect in defending territory, although I have not seen them for awhile. I have seen one cormorant and lots of seagulls! Finally, some of you will remember Megan Quinn from the Nature Conservancy of Canada as our guest speaker at last year’s AGM. I hope you saw the recent press release about NCC completing the purchase of the almost 1 sq km Wilson-Hatcher property linking Frontenac Park and Devil Lake through towards Benson Lake. A very important wildlife corridor addition to the Frontenac Arch!


Tim Gardiner

President, DLA of Frontenac County 

June 18, 2021
Dear Members,
While the letter is addressed to DLA members, it is also being sent to others who have expressed interest in joining and contributing to the success of DLA. We will also post on ourFacebook page.
Membership numbers have been excellent – thank you. Treasurer Tony Jones reports our 2021 membership is currently 58, 3 of which are our first General Members! A reminder that if youhaven’t done already, please send your 2021 membership dues of $40 via Interac using the DLA email address and we will send you a receipt. If you are not a Devil Lake landowner, but would like to join, we have a General Membership available for $20, although it will be non voting at the AGM. Please spread the word to neighbors andfriends!!
Speaking of the AGM, we have tentatively set Saturday, 21 August at 15:00, regulations permitting, to be held at our cottage. Ben Chabot, Superintendent of Frontenac Provincial Park, has kindly agreed to be our guest speaker this year. More details will follow closer to the date.
We have been working away on getting a draft DLA website done. Matt Bain is doing the coding – thank you! and we are populating and editing the various sections. This initiative is verymuch now “in production” and we look forward to showing members the finished product! I note our Facebook page now has 113 members. You will remember this is now open for non members to join.
Boat Wakes
We have had a number of members voice concern about boat wakes. PLEASE control your wakes when navigating close to shore. We all know about the damage wakes do to the shoreline,and the negative effects on loons now nesting on the water’s edge. The provincial law states boats are not to travel at over 10km/hr within 30m of a shore. Boats over 18’ need to beespecially mindful of their wakes. Thank you for being considerate to the lake! I share a recent article I was sent by a DLA member;
Water Quality Program
Thank you to Barb Fisher for doing the water testing at the 3 locations assigned to DLA. In partnership with West Devil Lake Property Owners Group, we will be testing 5 key areas of the lake. We are awaiting results and will share when received. Jana Svec will be doing the follow up secchi tests of our 3 locations.
Shoal Markers
We have decided to move “softly” on this safety topic, and have anchoring a mooring ball style float on the shoal off Miller near Vanderbilt. We can discuss further steps at the AGM. You willremember we identified 2 other shoals on the lake we felt needed a marker.
Perth Road Boat Ramp Information Board
We have had a look at the Perth Road boat ramp and have chosen a spot for our DLA information board. We are now moving onto design, content, how to anchor, etc
Water Levels
The dams are still shut and water levels stable. However, with the recent rain, and Rideau Canal needing water for navigation, I expect the Canoe/Kingsford/Bedford Mills dam system to open soon and water levels to drop accordingly.
Other news
• Judi Curry is organizing a Canada Day boat parade on 1 July at 11am, meeting in front of the Michaels Cottages / now Upton property. Please contact Judi with any questions;
• Congratulations to Michael Payne on being elected the new President of West Devil Lake Property Owners Group. We look forward to continuing our partnership with WDLPOG. It was a pleasure working with outgoing President Elisabeth Arnold!
• Loon populations this year look to be stable and I have seen 5-7 nesting pairs. This is a key time for loons as they lay/hatch their eggs and raise their chicks.
• We have done a rough survey via boat and estimate there are about 250 permanent and seasonal houses/cottages on the lake.
• Nature Conservancy of Canada wanted members to know that the Wilson/Hatcher property is now being “catalogued” regarding the various species present, and demolition of buildings and a clean up of the property is beginning.
• For those not able to be at the lake due to border restrictions, the “bright side” is you are missing the gypsy moth caterpillar infestation! Here’s to the CanadaUSA border opening in the coming weeks!!
If you have other news, let me know!
See you on the lake!!
Tim Gardiner

                               Spring 2021 Letter to Members


16 April 2021


Dear Members,


It has been an honour and privilege to serve as President of our Association as it approaches its first birthday! In spite of continued difficult and frustrating times, I trust this note finds you healthy and happy, and optimistically looking forward to the upcoming summer season on our beautiful Devil Lake! We held our Spring, Devil Lake Association of Frontenac County (“DLA”) Board Meeting via Zoom on 6 April, and I write to update you on a number of subjects. While the letter is addressed to DLA members, it is also being sent to others who have expressed interest in joining and contributing to the success of DLA.


We finished 2020 with a membership total of 59, an outstanding achievement for our first year of existence! It just shows you the passion Devil Lake landowners have for their lake. Thank you to all who stepped up and joined the Association, and your Board anticipates further growth of the membership this year. Please send your 2021 membership dues of $40 via Inter-ac using the DLA email address and our Treasurer, Tony Jones, will send you a receipt. Thank you for being a member – collectively, we all make a difference!!


Here’s the Spring update from the DLA Board;




Director John Wilson has amended our Bylaws to include a new General Member category, and to stagger Board terms. “General Membership” is open to those who are not Devil Lake landowners but still want to contribute and be a part of the DLA. This category is non voting and dues are just $20. If you are not a landowner on the lake and would like to join as a General Member, please Interac $20 using our DLA email, and Tony will send you a receipt. With regards to the staggering of board members, at the upcoming 2021 AGM the entire Board will be retired, and nominated Owner Members for director election will be elected for a one, or two year term. Thereafter, director terms will be for 2 years with a maximum of 4 terms. This will ensure we have a regular turnover of the Board on an annual basis. All current directors have indicated they will stand for re-election at the 2021 AGM, but if others are interested in being nominated, please let me know. Thank you, John!


2021 AGM


We plan to hold an in person AGM at our cottage (we face Miller Island) the latter part of August, if COVID restrictions allow. We hope to have Frontenac Provincial Park Superintendent, Ben Chabot, as our guest speaker. Details to follow closer to the date. Facebook Page & Website A big thank you to Director Paula Nichols and members Ryan Bissonnette and Matt Bain for helping to get membership communication moving along! We will be populating content on our draft DLA website over the coming weeks, and the Board has agreed to “open” membership of the DLA Facebook Page in efforts to increase membership numbers. We hope to go live with the website by Summer. Please contact Paula if you wish to help


Perth Road Culvert Illegal Fishing


As members are aware, this has been an ongoing problem, both in terms of ecology and safety. Directors Roger Brice and Roger Jones have worked tirelessly to stop it. The DLA supple-mented Township of South Frontenac (“TSF”) No Parking signs on the culvert with No Fishing signs last Fall (thank you, Director Lia Gordon), and we have actively engaged both the OPP and TSF. Recently, TSF Councillor Alan Revill was in contact saying the TSF Chief Administrative Officer has agreed to prioritize the ticketing of illegal late evening/night fishing from the culvert in coordination with OPP. Alan encourages anyone who sees fishing from the culvert (especially at night!) to contact the TSF By-law staff. Their number is 613-541-3213 and it is answered 24 hrs a day. Roger&Roger will continue to maintain a log of any illegal activities observed. If we all contribute to surveillance, we can get this stopped once and for all!


Water Quality Program


Director Jana Svec is moving ahead with the Lake Partner Program; free annual testing of Devil Lake’s water quality. We will be doing this in coordination with West Devil Lake Property Owners Group to ensure we cover all key parts of the lake. We start our first sampling in May and need volunteers to help, so please sign up if interested! Details can be found on the following website,, and Jana’s email is


Invasive Species


Roger Brice obtained free signage regarding the prevention of Invasive Species, which has now been posted at the Perth Road boat ramp (thank you Director Dave Little). Signs were also given to both the West Devil Lake and Tett Lane associations for posting at their respective boat ramps. We have recently found out about a new Lake Eco-System grant program offered by TSF, and plan on applying for funds for an Invasive Species study. As you are aware, we had an incident of zebra mussels in the Mill Pond last Fall. Combatting Invasive Species is very important to the health of the lake. If you encounter any, please notify Jana, and the Invasive Species Hotline. Further info can be found here;


Loon Survey


The Board encourages all members to be a part of the Loan Survey co-ordinated by Birds Canada. We felt the loon population was down last year, so hoping it rebounds this Summer (our logo depends on it!). Here’s how you can be a part; canadian-lakes-loon-survey/




A big thank you to Treasurer Tony Jones for keeping our finances in order. We finished 2020 with a cash balance of about $1,900 after expenses related to the DLA set up and incorporation, and signage. Financial statements will be provided at the 2021 AGM. Directors have approved 2021 expenditures relating to shoal markers and a Perth Road boat ramp info board – more on that below.


Shoal Markers


Your Directors still believe it appropriate to mark the shoals between Miller/Vanderbilt, off Turnip Island, and in front of White Rock. You may remember this caused some disagreement at the 2020 AGM, and is issue is still outstanding. The Board recommends DLA purchasing professional grade, long lasting markers (goodbye plastic detergent bottles); either upright markers, or mooring style balls. I would love to receive your opinions!


Perth Road Boat Ramp Information Board


The Board is moving ahead with building an information board at the Perth Road boat ramp, and Dave Little is pricing out the cost. This board would publicize that that we have a Lake As-sociation, that Devil Lake is a designated cold water lake, how important it is to make sure boat hulls are clean before launching, etc. It will reinforce to visitors how much we care about the health of the lake. More details to follow, but here’s an example of what it would look like;


Cottage Inspection


If the USA/Canada border remains closed to non Canadian citizens, the Board would like the DLA to assist with helping check on cottages for members that are unable to get the the lake. Just let me know what you would like done, and we will set it up.




We need volunteers for the initial committees we have set up. Please email if interested! Illegal Fishing; Roger Brice Invasive Species; Jana Svec Member Communication; Paula Nichols Shoal Markers; Roger Jones Social; Tim Gardiner Water Testing; Jana Svec


Other news


• The Nature Conservancy of Canada has successfully purchased the Wilson property across Perth Road from the boat ramp. You may remember our 2020 AGM speaker from NCC, Megan Quinn, saying how important this would be, linking existing NCC Frontenac Arch properties to Frontenac Provincial Park.

• Michael’s Trailer Camp & Cottages in the south west of the lake has been purchased by a DLA family and its use will be discontinued as a trailer park. This is wonderful news given the size of the property and lake front footage purchased.

• Kate Weider, who with husband Mike, own a large chunk of property in the Mill Pond, passed on that she is working with the Canadian Wildlife Federation to help protect turtles. Here’s the website;

• We will be initiating a project showing where landowners are on the lake, using a map of property lots from the TSF/Frontenac County If you have other news, let me know!


Finally, I would be remiss if I did not thank your Directors for their work in getting the Association up and running; Roger Brice, Lia Gordon, John Gray, Roger Jones, Dave Little, Paula Nichols, and John Wilson. And let’s not forget our Treasurer, Tony Jones! THANK YOU ALL !!!! See you on the lake!!



Tim Gardiner